Food is one of the pleasures in life, and exclusive food is a real pleasure for gourmand.

 It is almost impossible to create a typical portrait of an expert in gastronomy, but it is for sure a personality highly appreciating traditions and an individual approach in everything, first of all, in cooking and choice. Specially for gourmands our company organizes various gastronomic events with presence of renowned chefs, talented sommeliers and famous confectioners. There are «Weeks of taste» in France, «Weeks of soups» in Belgium and «Wine fair» in Italy. Almost in every country there are local cuisine courses, where it is always possible to get training in preparation of traditional food.

Now gourmands can make their most secret dreams come true under the guidance of our managers.

We will choose exclusive collections in wine-gastronomic area for you:

  • Creating individual collections of wine, cigars and hard liquor;
  • Equipment of wine cellars, cognac or cigar rooms;
  • Perfect dainties from the best European manufacturers;
  • Wine and cigar accessories of authorship;
  • Building of cellars and wine rooms;
  • Working out gastronomic routes to Italy, France, Spain, the New World