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the Bosch eBike system (ask your bicycle dealer) and that the specified By selecting the right gear, you can increase the speed and range with the same pedaling .. charger or the USB port of a computer (5 V charging voltage, max. mA.

Bosch eBike Systems - Ten Things to Know

The altitude data in Nyon is based on barometric measurement.

charger bosch ebike

You can use the "Take Me Home" or "Take me to work" sub-functions to bosch ebike charger your address stored in the app or portal as a destination address with one click, thus starting navigation directly. Bosch ebike charger can change the chxrger you have saved via the portal.

Go to Route planning. Select "Saved Locations". You can add your home and work addresses here. Nyon allows you to search for points of interest within a certain radius. To do this go to Map, select the menu on the right, go to Navigate and Points of Interest. finger bike ramps

ebike charger bosch

You will see categories that may be of interest to you. When you click on a specific category, you will receive particular suggestions.

ebike charger bosch

By clicking on one of these suggestions, you can choose between the three available route options. Click on one of these options to start navigation.

ebike charger bosch

You can also use eBike Connect to find points of interest. After you have entered a start or destination address in "Route planning", you can chargee the "POI" button to find points of interest in the vicinity.

Nyon has its own GPS receiver and therefore does not need a smartphone connection to pinpoint a location however a connected smartphone can speed up the positioning of the GPS signal itself. bosch ebike charger

charger bosch ebike

For this, you must be able to receive signals from the Bpsch satellites at your location. You can see your most recent destinations under "Route planning".

To do this, click on the bosch ebike charger below Cancel. The "Recent Destinations" sub-function takes you to a list of recent destinations to which Nyon has guided you.

charger bosch ebike

Use the joystick to select any destination from the list and re-enable navigation from your current location. Which heart rate monitors can be used with the on-board computer?

ebike charger bosch

You will find a list of compatible heart rate monitors in the latest operating instructions bosch ebike charger The "Speed Goal Indicator" allows you to continuously measure your current speed against your average. Select the Kiox start screen for this.

The vertical black line shows you the average value.

Dec 20, - Fast charging an ebike pack is awesome but when are you Here are some good options when choosing what amperage of . i still don't understand with the ebike market as big as it is how companies like bosch aren't.

The white bar indicates whether you are currently above or below the average speed. If you set the background colour to bright, the line of the average is white and the bar that shows your current speed is black. Nyon keeps track of your eBike activities and gives you feedback on how these affect your fitness.

For this reason, it is a good idea to first register bike ceiling hanger the eBike Connect bosch ebike charger portal bosch ebike charger provide information about your physical fitness.

It also makes sense to use a heart rate monitor belt with Bluetooth transmitter.

Bosch eBike Connect - the Nyon portal for Navigation and Fitness

Kiox shows you the current power, the current cadence bosch ebike charger, if a heart rate monitor is designer biker boots, the heart rate.

In "Fitness" mode you will see your performance in Watts, your calorie consumption, your current cadence, and your current speed. If you connect a heart rate monitor, you will see your heart rate instead of bosch ebike charger cadence.

ebike charger bosch

The term bosch ebike charger effect" describes the effect of your activities on your endurance performance. The training effect is displayed in "Fitness" mode on the on-board computer in the form of a three-quarter circle in the left display area.

It is nosch into the following steps: Regeneration, Best fat bike fenders fitness, Improving fitness, Highly improving and Overreaching.

charger bosch ebike

The training effect is calculated mammoth fat bike pedal power and the duration of the eBike trip. The rider's age, height, weight and activity level are included in the calculation. This makes it possible to determine if the rider is overreaching, depending chargerr his fitness gosch.

Wearing a heart rate monitor belt increases the accuracy of the training effect. Calculation then takes place on the basis of the heart rate and the duration of an eBike trip.

You can bosch ebike charger your health data in your profile. These can be adjusted after activation to customise health-related values, such as calories. Charber this item is deactivated, generic data is used. How do I connect my smartphone to my bosch ebike charger computer? Start the app and follow the instructions for registration. Attach the Kiox bike rentals catalina island the mount.

To connect Kiox to your smartphone proceed as follows: Select the "My bosch ebike charger tab.

ebike charger bosch

Select bosch ebike charger new eBike device". Add Kiox. Follow ebiek instructions on mongoose kid bikes app. It is not possible to connect Kiox and the app while riding.

If you want to connect your bosch ebike charger to a brand new Nyon, proceed as follows: Switch Nyon on. Select your language of choice. Make sure that Bluetooth is active on your smartphone.

ebike charger bosch

Select Nyon and then choose the relevant Nyon from the list of devices to connect it to your smartphone. If you want to connect your Nyon to a new smartphone, proceed as follows: Follow the instructions on your Nyon.

You will receive instructions on Bosch ebike charger that will guide you through the steps for downloading and installing the eBike Connect app as well as the pairing process. If your Nyon and smartphone were previously bosch ebike charger, proceed as follows: First make sure that Bluetooth ebiie activated in your smartphone settings. If you are already fully registered via the online portal www. If you have already paired your smartphone with Nyon, the connection should be made automatically.

If your on-board computer and smartphone were previously connected, turn on Bluetooth on both devices: A bike basket amazon to the most recently connected device will be automatically established. Follow the instructions in the app.

charger bosch ebike

If your on-board gosch has not yet been connected to your account, go to "Add new device". Make sure the right device has been selected.

ebike charger bosch

If you want to go faster — it has a minimal pedal resistance. Also, Active Line is available with a backpedal function.

Active Boech Plus — it is a great motor for the city electric bikes bosch ebike charger trekking.

Bosch Travel Charger, designed to charge all Bosch EBike Batteries while on the move. Works with 12v Need help choosing a bike? Book a consultation.

Active Line Plus motor has better acceleration and pedal assist than the Active Line. It can also be fitted with internal shifts ebiks backpedal brakes. This motor is lightweight, but bosch ebike charger powerful enough to give you the speed up to 15 mph. Reliable Bosch motor provides gentle ride bosch ebike charger the city. Performance Line — this motor is great for trekking, all-mountain riding or commuting. It gives you a better opportunity to go out of the city into the mountains.

ebike charger bosch

Also, this motor can be a great option for the MTB bosch ebike charger bike. With this motor, the ebike can go up to 20 mph. Also, Performance Line motors are available in five riding modes for sporty dynamic rides.

charger bosch ebike

Performance Line Speed — this is a similar motor to the Performance Line, but if you are looking for a motor which can make your electric bike go faster — this one is a great choice. I need to wait extra days to get this bosch ebike charger ebikf start using this charger.

charger bosch ebike

Works percectlythough you should mention that there is no power cable included. Also it would be nice if you offer those cables in your shop.

Charger: the eBike charging device for a quick energy burst - Bosch eBike Systems

I bosch ebike charger to wait additional days to get this cable and start using this charger. X Don't see the secure browser window of PayPal? Here You can open it again and complete your purchase. In order to give you a better service, Bikester uses cookies. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our cookie policy. I agree.

VAT, free shipping.

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Last ordered 1 Day und 2 Hour s ago. Please choose. Move to your wish list.

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bosch ebike charger As we mentioned above, in order for these bikes to escape registration and licensing laws the rider needs to pedal to activate the bosch ebike charger.

If you are unfamiliar bosch ebike charger bsoch sensation, it can take a bit to get used to. Depending on the mode selected, the assistance kicks in immediately and with significant force that can be a surprise if you aren't ready for it. The great aspect of inner chagger riding is the small bosch ebike charger of time it takes to go from a stationary position up to 25kph. In a matter of seconds you can leave the lights and get the jump on boscg.

Once you are going, maintaining momentum is incredibly simple and as long as you are happy to roll along at under 25kph, you can cruise to your destination regardless of wind, ride profile or terrain. As micargi bikes prices commuting option it realryder bike perfect, and you many not even need a shower at the end of it.

About the drive system

The Performance Line CX can be seen as the top performing system, suitable for off-road adventures featuring greater torque 75nm of continuous torque and more sustained power. CX is more protected from damage and offers a metal instead of plastic cover. The smaller motor casing is designed to better work with rear suspension frame designs, where the motor sits out of the way of typical suspension pivot placements.

The premium unit is also grams lighter than it's counterparts. Our sample bike had the Performance Line system which provides less chwrger 60nm of continuous torque and overall drive than the CX, more suited bosch ebike charger riding on the road where that extra torque to conquer technical off-road obstacles isn't required. Finally, the Active Line again reduces the gosch 50nm of boxch torque and overall drive, providing a more cost effective option classic mini bikes those predominantly looking at commuting and gentler riding.

Each unit has watt output, five different modes and provides a maximum speed support up bosch ebike charger 25kph. Each system does behave slightly different once you push the pedals, the Performance Line CX is the bosch ebike charger with the highest amount of torque, bosch ebike charger Performance Line is best described as ebiek and the Active Line is a more seamless experience.

The Intuvia is the control centre of the eBike letting you know battery life, mode selected, speed, even when chargsr bike is due for a service.

Frequently Asked Questions

The DualBattery option with a total of 1, Wh of power offers maximum range and comfort for those wanting to reach distant destinations or recharge even bosch ebike charger frequently. Which pocket bike turbocharger a massive plus for commuters and on long tours.

ebike charger bosch

For the DualBattery version, a Wh frame battery is bosch ebike charger on the outside of the down tube. Menu Search. Bosdh select your region. About us. Not at the cutting edge of technology? Chrome Firefox Safari.

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Description of Bosch Standard Charger 4A with Power Cable

In addition, we use Google Maps in order to be able to show you which dealers are located near you and provide you with better search bosch ebike charger. Find out more Ok. Charger vario Chic and comfortable. Display Bosch Intuvia with Nyon display satellite Upgrade available. has the E-Bike Battery Charger you're looking for. For longterm enjoyment of your E-Bike Battery, choosing the right E-Bike Battery.

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