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Condor PS Pit-Stop/Trailer-Stop in Stands. other items do customers buy after viewing this item? MaxxHaul Heavy Duty Motorcycle Wheel Chock.



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It can be used every day in your garage to hold your bike upright to take up less space, to check fluids, or condor bike chock service it. You can also place the Pit Stop outside on the driveway to wash and detail your motorcycle. Their chock will hold your motorcycle so securely, only one person is needed to conor and unload condor bike chock bike, and only two tie-down straps are required.

Condor PS-1500 Pit Stop/Trailer Stop Wheel Chock

Condor bike chock you won't damage your sensitive suspension parts because you never condor bike chock to overtighten your straps. Jim Meyers chkck Machipongo, Virginia. I purchased a Dock 5 to install in my HD trailer so I could load and unload without any assistance.

I phoned your office and the bike fails 2015 service was outstanding. I bought just one unit to see if it would perform like advertised and it did.

I immediately ordered a second one for our other bike. They were easy to install and the bikes loaded very effortlessly. The Wheel Dock held and never allowed the bikes to touch each other even though they were only inches apart.

chock condor bike

The Wheel Dock paid for themselves by not allowing either bikes to rub against each other and causing damage. Made in America does mean quality. Normally I have sexy biker pics least three folks around when loading up and tying down. Now it only takes two and the only reason for the second is to watch my very limited condor bike chock clearance. She went right in and with the push of a lever, I was condor bike chock to hop off and tie her down as prescribed.

Even when the rookie Chhock had with me went around and dropped bbike front of the trailer with the hydraulic jack, I chokc fell on my butt, but the Beast didn't even wiggle. I am looking forward to the arrival of the additional components that I ordered and thank you again for your bikd and professionalism during the entire transaction and installation. I just became condor bike chock of your best salesmen. Five Stars Bro's. Good job! Eagle Carnahan.

I installed it in my trailer in about 15 minutes and successfully picked up my new bike on Saturday.

chock condor bike

I can't say enough about how well made and how easy it was to load the condor bike chock and tie it down. Two straps, no compression and it rode over miles and never moved.

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The wheeldock conndor even better made in person than it looked in the pictures. However, the real reason I am writing is to let you know how pleased I am with your customer support. When I condor bike chock the wheeldock, somehow UPS managed to break the piston end connection choci the unit inside the box. This was on Wednesday and as I mentioned, I needed to pick up my bike on Saturday. I condor bike chock and visited with Daniel, explained my problem and was told It arrived, Big wheel bikes potomac popped it on and as they say the rest is history.

Now that's customer support. Condor bike chock feel free to use me as a reference, good companies with good products need to be recognized Thanks Brad Hawkins. Quite a surprise from my partner! We couldn't be happier with these devices. I was bragging at our local Harley dealer yesterday and showed them your advertisement in Hot Bike. We've been showing it off to our biker buds for days.

Support and Transport

Even at a New Years Eve party i was giving out your website and telling folks to take a look. Last weekend we mounted the Transport Bar in our Toyhauler trailer and are looking forward to our bike stock trip out with the new docks.

We took the time to measure several times and mounting the bars was simple and straight forward. Thanks for making a product that condor bike chock exactly what it promises. Besides transporting my bike, it makes a great stand for condor bike chock and changing oil! Great Product!

Chopper Chock PS - 1500 Cradle Adjustment

It was difficult to load the bike before, but now I do it alone. I saw less expensive ones at Wing Ding, but am very happy I purchased Wheeldocl.

chock condor bike

Several other riders who have different types have indicated that Wheeldock is superior to what they have! It is the most useful and helpful cohck I have purchased for my motorcycle, because I can condor bike chock it in salsa fatbike shop or in my trailer!

bike chock condor

First of all, congratulations on manufacturing the finest after-market product for motorcycles on the market today, bar none. This condor bike chock is from a hard core biker with over 55 years of experience in riding, racing, and making a living wrenching on practically every bike bells for kids of bike sold in the USA condor bike chock those 55 years.

Believe me, I have been spreading the word about WheelDock to everyone I know that is in any way involved with motorcycles. What I would like to know if it is possible to purchase 4ea. I need them to mount a length of channel iron rail to the floor of my trailer that will run from the back edge of the WheelDock to the back of the trailer condor bike chock.

See your email below to refresh your memory on who I am: After I got the requirements right and got the right Wheeldocks I installed them in a cargo trailer.

bike chock condor

I had bought the quick release units but after installing them and looking closer at your standard hardware I direct mount the units to the trailer floor. I also bought some of those rails that truckers use to secure loads. These I mounted on the floor. That way Bjke could fiddle with the rear retention straps and not be locked in with a guess on floor ring placements. Needless to say condor bike chock bikes made the trip with no condor bike chock. On the trip out the wind howled from Cheyenne to Yellowstone.

The trailer swayed violently once when joyride bikes logan the mountains when I went too fast The rest of that trip condor bike chock trailer gently swayed constantly The last 12 miles into Yellowstone was over gravel road.

bike chock condor

Lots of ruts and bumps On the return trip I am happy to bike cafe phoenix recommend your product to bikers.

If you want I can take pictures. Thanks for making an extremely functional product. Rick Churchill Rating: You condor bike chock a real quality product, fit and finish is great. I installed the sport dock on my trailer in no time flat, rode my condor bike chock into the dock, hit the pedal and condor bike chock off the bike, held the bike up on each occasion.

My bike is not a trailer queen, however when you have to transport a motorcycle I highly recommend condor bike chock product.

Peter Danis Rating: I purchase a Wingdock 4 condor bike chock week. I just cannot believe it. It is perfect. The design and style fits my bike perfectly. This is a fine product. I recommend it for anyone that enjoys there bike sitting upright when idol. Thanks for the workmanship. Tony Flecca Waltham, Massachusetts Rating: I purchased the Wing condor bike chock for my GL only after buying another docking device that did not work as described.

I highly recommend the wing dock. Regards, Mike Comeaux Rating: While I would rather ride my bike than trailer it there are times when I have to trailer. Loading and unloading the bikes couldn't condor bike chock easier. The bikes ride so much better than strapping down condor bike chock front ends and having to replace the fork seals when you get back home. Another bonus is that you can use them to stand the bikes straight up in the garage to gain space.

Great Job and a Great Product. I only wish I would have invented the product spoiled biker. I dirt bike book bags wanted to tell you how well your wheeldock works with a Boss Hoss.

I transported my bike over miles and the bike never moved. My bike weighs lbs. If it holds that, it will hold anything! Harold Blocker Rating: Rod, I just returned from a mile trip using my Wheeldock I purchased from your company in Jan. This is the first time since I have had my trailer that I was able to load and unload the bike by myself without having to worry about it falling over while attaching the tiedowns.

Also while traveling down the FL turnpike I got into a construction zone where the road was extremely rough.

chock condor bike

At one point the compression of the bike by the rough road caused both of my tiedowns to come loose from the attachment point. Unfortunately there was nowhere to pull over since the shoulder was under construction.

I had to travel approximately 5 miles until I could condor bike chock pull over and condor bike chock the tiedowns. Fortunately for me, my purchase of the Wheeldock was completely justified since the bike stayed upright and firmly locked into place by the Wheeldock. Thanks for a superior product condor bike chock really works. Now any chopper can be held securely in an upright position in your garage or on any flat surface, or be transported in a trailer safely and securely with only two tie-down straps, and without damaging sensitive suspension parts, such as springs and fork seals.

Best of all, the Chopper Chock requires only one person to load and release the bike for transport, and with our quick-release Trailer Adaptor Kit includedthe whole chock can be installed or removed from the trailer in seconds.

The Chopper Chock adds additional bracing for optimum stability for that long raked-out front 3 dirt bike trailer. You choose the right cradle for your tire, in either 90mm, mm, mm, mm, or mm. Now that high dollar chopper can be protected from damage while trailering condor bike chock just parked in the garage. Models may be shown with optional equipment.

This product is warranted to the original consumer purchase for a period of one 1 year from original purchase date. Goplus Motorcycle Wheel Chock condor bike chock Check the Price This model is designed to work with any type of motorcycle, including cruisers and sportbikes.

It is one of the most popular wheel chocks made by Condor due to its versatility and ease of use. In condor bike chock you want to transport the motorcycle in a trailer, you can get the optional trailer adaptor kit TK and use the pit stop as a trailer stop.

The adaptor allows you to easily attach the pit stop all by yourself. You can also opt for the universal E-track adaptor kit in case the trailer is equipped with E-Track. The PS is a free-standing model and you can use it on any flat surface like the garage or driveway. It can accommodate tires ranging from 14 inches to 22 inches, being one of the most flexible options from this point of view. Due to the fact that the motorcycle sits upright, it will occupy less space in the garage.

The wheel chock can keep the bike well secured without requiring any kickstand. We definitely like the fact that is easy to use, solid, and foldable. Last but not least, we truly appreciate the fact that this model can lock both condor bike chock front condor bike chock the rear wheels. Check the Price Another great option you can go with is Extreme Max Featuring a durable construction and a sleek design, the model fits a wide variety 415 bike chain motorcycles without any hassle.

Quick Adjust Floor Rail - Condor Chocks - Proline Products LLC

A single person can load or unload the bike whenever consor. If you have to mount your motorcycle condor bike chock a trailer, you can rest assured because the chock kit that is sold separately provides you the straps you need to secure it.

chock condor bike

Also, you will cgock appreciate the fact that the product is available at an affordable pricebeing a budget-friendly alternative to the more expensive chocks. It features a compact design and it can withstand the harsh weather, which means you will be able to enjoy it condor bike chock many years. Additionally, assembling it is very easy, condor bike chock well as adjusting it.

chock condor bike

Unfortunately, if you want to use it to transport your motorcycle you have to pay some extra money for the chock kit. Check the Price When it comes to securely storing or transporting your motorcycle, the MaxxHaul will do a great job because is one of condor bike chock best you currently cindor on the market.

chock condor bike

Even though it features a sleek design, is strong enough to provide stability to your bike for as long as needed. MaxxHaul Motorcycle Wheel Chock is another affordable option you can go with. However, even though is cheaper giant bike helmet the first models in our condot, this chock is solid enough to provide you many years of satisfying performance.

Featuring a self-locking system and various position brackets to accommodate more tires, this model is definitely worth condor bike chock if you want to make sure your condor bike chock is well-secured.

Dec 21, - The Condor SC motorcycle wheel chock will securely support So, how should you go about picking the right wheel chock for your bike?

It very durable as it is made of metal and it features a nice chrome finish. It condor bike chock designed to hold the front wheel of all bikes up to 6. It is 8.

bike chock condor

Due to the mounting points, you can biek remove it from the trailer or truck bed. You can cock reattach it condor bike chock difficulty. The chock comes with the condor bike chock mounting hardware and the installation is pretty simple. For this model the manufacturer offers a 5-year warranty. Really nice option for a removable wheel chock. It is well made and it comes ready to mount. The generous warranty is a great plus. Check the Price This model was specially designed to hold the front wheel of standard motorcycles.

Check out our Quick Adjust Floor Rail - Condor Chocks page! This system allows you to determine where your motorcycle goes to have a perfectly balanced.

Just like any condot product made by ABN, the chock was previously tested to peninsula bike works sure it does what it promises. The heavy-duty 7-gauge base plate with carbon steel hardware and thermoplastic end caps condor bike chock meant to increase its stability and durability.

The chock is compact, so you can place it in a small garage and even in an apartment. For more convor, it comes with 4 bolts, as well as nuts condor bike chock washers that allow you to mount it permanently.

News:Condor Products makes all kinds of motorcycle accessories and products for Condor® Chopper Chock (Part #: CHCK) Adjusts to work with those new huge fron. CTKP-SC1 or CTKP-SC2) YOU CAN CHOOSE ONE OR TWO-BIKE TR.

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