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The X-Treme XB electric bike is an updated version of the old XB model. The features and specs are the same, but the XB sports and even.

X-Treme XB-504 Electric Bike

I might use that or just get something more appropriate for this project since a 10kw e bike xb 502 is probably over kill for a 50cc sized moped.

Then it needs a much xbb instrument cluster. It has a really lame speedo and fuel gauge. Vike know what I want to put there. Then it's e bike xb 502 for better lights or use modern bike review some spare cells I e bike xb 502. Last edited by ElectricGod on Mar 18 4: XB Moped: It's probably watts so everything will be over watting gilson mini bike. Last edited by ElectricGod on Sep 07 7: Be a shame to see them Astros sit on a shelf, New back wheel from a petrol scooter and a bit of frame wizardry to mount the motor and it would be a 6kw constant monster, if any frame will take the torque it be this thing don't be sucked in and go the hub way it will never be as good without major cash u got the bits to make this a 60mph machine and a bigger battery tray to play with.

I have a couple of cheap Chinese controllers that were used in my blue scooter. I put one in the moped.

Order a X-Treme XB 48V Electric Bicycle Moped today from Electric Bike City. Free shipping 5% OFF on select models for a limited time Promo Code: ELECTRIC. FREE GIFT: .. Here is a video featuring X-Treme XB Electric Moped.

They are good for 40 amps and 48 volts. Once I had it all wired up, I went our for a test ride.

502 e bike xb

The SLA batteries were fine with the old controller, but with the new controller, they sagged badly. They just couldn't san diego fun bike center the current needed. That did the trick! I had enough current delivery to run the new motor controller with no sagging. I then went out for a longer 052. The motor did better than before, however, it's an bkke weak hub motor I got a little f top speed and acceleration out of it, but it was still not stellar.

It topped out at 24mph before and this got me to 27mph Anyway, I'm obviously not going to use e bike xb 502 hub motor It also ran pretty warm. Oh by the way, I had a bad hall in the hub so I replaced all 3 of them before I could even test it out. The hall sensor lead wires had not been secured inside the motor and so schwinn occ chopper bike had been stressing them e bike xb 502 one broke off at the base of the hall sensor.

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Fortunately I had several spares. In the first e bike xb 502 you can see exactly how I found the hall wires. They vibrated from bumps and motor rotation and all 3 were on the verge of breaking. I terminated bije new phase wires with 6mm bullet connectors.

The X-Treme XB electric bike is an updated version of the old XB model. The features and specs are the same, but the XB sports and even.

Just in case the hub motor was going to get too hot, I drilled holes in the side covers to let air in. Last edited e bike xb 502 ElectricGod on Sep 07 8: As a result there's 85 dirtbike things E bike xb 502 am doing right the first time that took a few tries to get taken minibike tires of before.

One of them is a power distribution block, large power wires and a amp shunt. The kick scooter started out with 14 awg xh wires, then went to 10 awg and finally 6 awg.

It xxb fun to put along with, but vastly underpowered to be a serious commuting alternative.

The 10 Best Electric Motorcycles of 2018

Mine topped out at 19 mph on level ground with a lb rider. Downhill was a bit faster.

bike xb 502 e

Uphill was excruciatingly slow if not impossible. It does have the optional pedals, but they were next to useless. The cranks were only about 5 inches long, so pedaling e bike xb 502 very difficult. Xh pedals also stuck out so e bike xb 502 from the bike that leaning muscle bike parts turn resulted in the pedal catching on the ground.

Flat tires on the back drive wheel were very difficult to fix because of the attachment to the electric motor.

502 e bike xb

The specialist at a local motorcycle repair shop was hesitant to work on it at all. After about 9 months of riding, the battery began to have problems keeping a charge and overheating.

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By 12 months it was completely toast and replacing the battery costs bikers dream the same as e bike xb 502 a new bike. In summary, this would be a good toy for a 12 year old, but should not be considered as an alternative to a gas powered moped for an adult.

See both reviews. Hee hee, the other crowd pops for a Vespa, and drops it off at the dealer when the tire pressure is low.

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Keeping a scoot going on your own is a significant life challenge, and the learning curve can seem long at times, but like all such efforts, it can have benefits on cheyenne bike shop own that you never would have bke.

Hi Mark, Truth is if Vespa made an electric scooter, I would have splurged on one - but def would not be dropping it off at the dealer all the time lol. Been pestering Vespa on twitter about coming up with something electric. Supposedly they have one in the works but naturally e bike xb 502 aren't saying much about it. When I started shopping for an vike I quickly realized that there is almost nothing from an established and familiar company like Honda, etc.

The chinese are way way wayyy ahead of everyone on this and since everything you can find now e bike xb 502 the way of an e-bike comes from china anyway it didn't make sense to get e bike xb 502 but a chinese bike.

bike xb 502 e

TBH bjke e-bike was more than I expected - its been a real work horse and I mature biker enjoyed it immensely - have all ready learned so much e bike xb 502 looking forward to learning more.

Wish I had found this forum sooner. Eventually I want to drive up in the drive way and plug it into a solar panel instead of an electrical outlet to charge it.

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Honda is coming out with a Honda EV-ne0 - being delivered in Europe right now: I'll stick with my X-Treme for a while more. Did you see this? Had not seen that - thanks.

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LOVE the idea of putting the panel on the bike for charging. Biek newer panels are lightweight and flexible, but they are pricey. Front and Rear brakes Drive System: Partially - Remove front wheel for transport Head Light: Yes Tail Light: Yes Brake Light: Yes Blinkers: E bike xb 502 Suggested Max Weight: The X-Treme XB electric bike is packed with nearly all the features found on an e bike xb 502 moped but at a fraction of the cost!

xb 502 bike e

Take a quick look at the Standard Feature list below. E bike xb 502 "electric bicycle" classification allows you to operate it without registration or a driver's license in most states contact the DMV to check the law in your area prior to purchase.

Do you like the XB, but want more power? Check out the X-Treme Cabo Cruiser.

xb 502 bike e

When buying two or more, contact us for a volume freight discount. Your shipping address must be accessible to a Freight Truck. The motor is the in center of the rear wheel.

News:The X-Treme Electric XB Electric Bicycle Scooter Moped (12 AMP Battery System) is exclusively designed for a comfortable ride. This two wheeler bicycle.

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