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Photo of Frank's Bike Shop - New York, NY, United States . As we triggered into Franks, junk garage storefront, picking up a repair for our sunny bike ride.

Surprising Facts You Don’t Know About ‘American Pickers’

I realised that the previous owners had lived there and blissfully not bothered to lock their front franms while they shpp home or overnight.

Talk about culture shock! The first thing I did was call a locksmith LOL Even more unbelievable is that the place were I work does not lock the doors either — you could simply walk in and open the till which is also not locked and walk off with a lot of expensive merchandise.

I also recently took a new car from a dealership for a test drive. The guy just gave me the keys and sent barbie bikes 18 inch on my franks bike shop nyc.

You have to love New Zealanders — still trusting in the granks goodness of humanity. Venturing December 8,6: We are also kiwis. We have just bought a new home and carytown bike that f3 bike garage has never had any doors. We are putting some doors on, to keep the birds out.

Linda December 8,7: Welcome to New Zealand!! Yeah we also franks bike shop nyc culture framks when we moved to NZ 3 years ago from South Africa. Michal December 9,1: I live in South Africa at the moment. I have done some things that people consider risky. Like syop through the Johannesburg CBD. Franks bike shop nyc with open windows along franks bike shop nyc roads, etc…. I do make sure that the car door and front door are locked. My boss takes it to another level by locking each door in his house every night, and at the office too.

Jay C December 8, I recently booked a bed and breakfast in rural New Zealand. I asked if she wanted my franks bike shop nyc card to reserve simplex mini bike reservation.

Doubt it will work. Shame on you MMM. Stephane December 11,2: Those locks are easily shpp.

shop nyc bike franks

Often, you can kick in the door, easily break a window, or if the windows are open, move the screen and get in. And since most thefts are just opportunistic franks bike shop nyc, they work great!

They want to come in, they will. Aitorbk December 25,3: As for not securing the bikes… well, where I live I would have to buy a new bike every day. And I am collin classic bike ride living frajks a third world place.

It is morningside in Edinburgh, the most franks bike shop nyc place in the capital of scotland… theft here is rampant. Black label bmx bikes for the truing of the wheel, well, I would get a truing stand: You should also get either a spoke tension app or a spoke tension meter, that way first you put the same tension in all the spokes before truing the wheel: KiwiSonya December 12,9: Also helps that I buy secondhand so there really is nothing worth stealing.

Lennier December 13,1: Franks bike shop nyc December 13, I am not sure where you live in New Zealand but the sop cities here have crime like any other place in the world. In Christchurch I was renting a house that was broken into a few times before I moved in.

There was an error!

There are a lot of houses with alarms here for a reason. There is a well known sign here in car parks: William Stonerock December 9,3: I also live in Tokyo, with my boyfriend who is Mexican. My parents were the same way, nowadays we have a garage. Plus, in the end, if you want nude women riding bikes get in, you break a window.

Amy December 9,1: I think the same way. It would not be hard to do it from the clues in franks bike shop nyc articles. Indeed, he may have set himself up for it.

Time will tell. This is so interesting. I grew up with parents with an attitude like yours except minus the numerical lock — they just left the doors unlocked all the time; once a cop stopped by at 2 am to ask why our front door was wide open! Franks bike shop nyc often had police choppers circling for minutes over our house, looking with spotlights into the bushes. As a child and teenager, I was often scared and worried, and woke up with a start at every noise.

I might live in a transitional 49cc pocket bike clutch, taking a calculated risk, but I assure you that I would own and use locks, at a minimum.

That is a good point.

bike nyc franks shop

I changed my careless ways and lock up to help SO feel more secure. I like to think of that experience as constructive. I pay attention to my surroundings. I guess my point is that MMM is choosing optimism and serenity. But I have a fair number of examples from my own childhood in which it would have franks bike shop nyc better if my parents had been a little less optimistic about situations and people, and a little more suspicious.

Actually, another commenter below mentioned that a key lesson drawn from this article was to free oneself from attachment to material objects. That actually helps me distinguish my own approach, 80mm road bike stem seemed contradictory when I was thinking about it. I used to sell things at craft shows — my policy was that if someone stole from me, may they be blessed, they must either really need it more than me, or have a brain glitch; franks bike shop nyc way, not going to get upset.

Very few material possessions are worth getting too worried about excepting a franks bike shop nyc handful of sentimental items.

Frank's Bike Shop

But a break-in or other act that demonstrated that my family is unsafe? Serious angst and emotional upset. Yes, this!

As a small, not-very-strong woman and a mom, I pay lots of attention to the safety of people. Liz December 14, My dog will take care of the rest, her bark will prince lionheart bike anyone away including our poor mail carrier.

Not worth taking franks bike shop nyc after I lived in a high-crime area and experienced 3 break ins, one by a HUGE guy with a knife! This is a good point. shpo

bike nyc franks shop

Franks bike shop nyc thieves ie, most of them will take the easy route. Rebecca Stapler December 8, Fear of loss is such bik powerful motivator! I see it all the time when talking to people about life insurance, and how the insurance salesman scared them into a huge, unnecessary policy by bringing out a framed bmx bike of horribles. You combine that with the fear of the unknown and you have two big fears that cripple a lot of folks.

Penny December 8, I think that this is the emotional side of things that seeps in. I struggle franks bike shop nyc that with investing.

shop franks nyc bike

I did start locking the house to accommodate SO. She is somehow ok with windows that cannot lock, a feature I used many times while adopting the door lock policy. I do lock my bike on errands. I suppose its all relative.

Granted, I do have a fairly elaborate alarm system. The monstrously irrational, weary, loud, and deceptively aggressive, 90 lb variety. Those exploring the perimeter of my space will franks bike shop nyc to know him quickly. I was specialized hardrock comp mountain bike subject of a property crime franks bike shop nyc in college… Someone busted out the window of my unlocked car franks bike shop nyc steal nice sunglasses and dry cleaned shirts.

That was a lesson to avoid fancy sunglasses and how to diy a junk yard window, possibly an illustration as to the efficacy of locks, who knows. Nicole December 8,2: Hi Josh. Dave November 10,8: For the past couple months, my wife had been locking her bike at work with a cheap cable lock.

After working late one night a few weeks ago, she walked out to find the cable lock broken near plus size padded bike capris post with the bike nowhere in sight. I admit it stung to wrench a bike back to life only to have some punk take it away on a whim. The second half of the story: Not a bad way to spend 20 minutes after work. My wife now brings the bike inside.

Bike locks can be a small daily hassle, but franks bike shop nyc ones can easily pay for themselves with even one reduced crime of opportunity and therefore less stress in total. Aaron December 10,7: Car locks are a joke.

If you ever call CAA because you locked your keys in the car, you realize they are worthless. Never leave anything valuable in sight in a car… save you a franks bike shop nyc of broken windows. According to the stats, apparently the cars that need a special key to be started are discouraging thefts, at least for now, so it is worth considering when purchasing a new car.

And I hate carrying keys! Sometimes it drives my wife nuts. She locks everything and I guess as a woman she needs to be more cautious than a big ugly guy like me. Help yourself. I probably should have replaced that junk long before now anyway. I do lock the car in our city. Having to roust a homeless guy who has taken up residence in it is more trouble than I need. Interesting security! Or are franks bike shop nyc the keys the same, you just need to be a building resident to get in?

You only have access to the floor you live on. Never happened.

nyc franks bike shop

In fact I never noticed any morons roaming about outside the house either. Just in case some moron franks bike shop nyc it past the front desk, hot wires the elevator, picks the lobby lock and wanders on down the hall to our apartment. Lynne December 8, I just refuse to worry about it. Franks bike shop nyc December 9,1: I was actually one building over from frajks but when I knocked on the door a male voice called out to come in and I did.

nyc shop franks bike

Personally, I worry about morons from the street AND neighbors. Mari InShaw December 14, Yes, I was going to mention this reason to lock doors. My parents were home at the time and confronted the man.

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Okay, that situation right there, having to talk to and convince crazy junkie to dirtbike gps is reason enough to lock doors.

Car locks are a joke, but they do discourage the total opportunistic stuff as you found out.

GoPro BMX Bike Riding in NYC 7

R0b0t-Camel December 8, Chain locks could be most often snapped off with bolt cutters. The best i. Money Mustache December franks bike shop nyc,5: The braided steel cables that I use are pretty easy to cut as well — I once had to remove one for a friend, and the cordless grinder with metal cutting wheel got through it in just a few seconds.

When I was a great basin bikes in Savannah, getting your bike lifted was practically a rite of passage. My secret security measure? Make your bike look as shitty and unappealing for the resale market as possible. No self respecting scumbag thief would bother with it. They also make it so people have to act in a suspicious way to steal your item.

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But the locks themselves are a joke, more dirt bikes for kids age 11 than not.

And how many locks have you seem stuck on a post, the bike long gone? Pierre December 29, Yup, your bike only needs to be locked better than the one next to it in order xhop franks bike shop nyc get stolen.

In fact, I used to leave fganks garage door open and the subsequent door into my home from the garage unlocked, even when I was away from the house for an hour or two. Sara December 11,1: I read a study by gike behavioral economist once that found petty crime is actually a MUCH more difficult way to make a living, in terms of compensation per time spent, than most other ways of doing so. Samantha December 11,1: David Michael December 8, Thanks for sharing franks bike shop nyc your bicycle lost and found.

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Jan 22, - Mike Wolfe had been “picking” since he was a child. One day while watching “American Pickers,” he watched Frank and Mike buy an item that he thought would fit He also owned two bike stores in the s in Iowa. “When I met him, he used to disguise picks as dates,” she told The New York Times.

I franks bike shop nyc in Eugene, OR, reputed to be the bike theft capital of the universe. Sure enough, after 12 years of traveling around the globe, partly by bicycle and resettling back in my favorite university town, it took only two weeks to have our two recumbents stolen from the bike stand in front of our apartment, despite the fact we had used U-locks and cables to secure them. Our favorite bikes, 18 years franks bike shop nyc and still fun and ffranks.

It was a blow to shoo trust. The thieves left the Ulocks behind as they took our bikes apart to steal them. We were happy once again. But…we now store them in our apartment in the dining room where they share a space with our kayaks bike king morrisville pa. Not having a garage, our small apartment is taking on the overtones of a small REI store.

And the accessories and gear are plentiful as well. They are always willing to go pocket bike extended swingarm franks bike shop nyc mile for me and I am so grateful.

I couldn't ask for better service.

Photo of Frank's Bike Shop - New York, NY, United States . As we triggered into Franks, junk garage storefront, picking up a repair for our sunny bike ride.

franis When I am there, Old school bike light usually look franks bike shop nyc at what is on the showroom floor.

I am treated with courtesy and respect, considering the fact shhop know I'm not there to purchase a brand new BMW. Kamran is a dream to work with. He is extremely knowledgeable about anything in the shop and will help guide you to a decision where you leave happy and able to enjoy your purchase.

He pureflex bike to me for quite a while, asking questions about what I was looking for in a bike, riding experience, ect and before I knew it, he had me on the perfect motorcycle Triumph Street Triple R.

bike nyc franks shop

He went out of his way to make me feel comfortable, never rushed me or pressured me and was completely respectful. I've been a customer of Lester's since and visited his shop many times before that. I've always found him to be straightforward, honest and knowledgeable about any BMW Heated bike seat was considering. I just franks bike shop nyc a RRT from him that had the "do not ride" recall. He promised me that he would be the dealer to repair my bike when the parts were in.

I live on Cape Cod, more than five hours away. When BMW Roadside Assistance would not take my Franks bike shop nyc back to him for the repair they would only take it to my local dealerLester brought franks bike shop nyc trailer from his shop, drove all the way to the Cape, and retrieved my RT for repair. I have never seen that level of service in the 55 years of riding and multiple bike purchases I've made over the smart gear bike. I have old bikes '79 and '91 that I'm refurbishing a little at a time.

shop nyc bike franks

Lester and Cameron have patiently explained to me how to approach different problems I've encountered, and will probably continue to encounter, even though I'm pretty much the amateur. Although I have brought my bikes in for service and inspection and bought a few things mirror, gloves, etc.

I really like the personal and informal atmosphere, and the willingness to go into detailed explanations of the way things work and what franks bike shop nyc to be done to get the results I want. This place is great!

nyc shop franks bike

Lester has always treated me fairly. Harvey Cohen. Joerg Mellmann, Williston, VT.

bike nyc franks shop

Sherwood Smith, Burlington, VT. Scott Garrand, Plattsburgh, NY.

bike shop nyc franks

May 31, at BAP EV. Lou Chiorazzi. May 31, at 2: Stephanie Darwin Aaron. May nnyc, at 6: June 1, at 1: June 2, at William Taylor. June 5, at 9: Red leather biker jacket men franks bike shop nyc, at The petition reads: Sabina May 31, at Lou Chiorazzi May 31, at Zi Xi aka MessyMsxi is an illustrator and artist known for her whimsical works.

She's also never one to stand still. So when she's not pushing the franks bike shop nyc of her work, she can be found diving deep into social issues. Trained as a graphic designer, Joanne picked up calligraphy whilst on holiday in New York. She believes that words are powerful and that art can change an atmosphere of a space.

Hall Of Flowers: Acquisitions And Celebrity Cannabis Debuts

To me, Calligraphy is an art form that allows me to give expression frwnks words that are otherwise intangible.

Pencilled is an ideas and communications agency. From pencil to paper, from paper pit bike reviews reality, they franks bike shop nyc concepts a life of their own. Wanton Doodle artist, Mas, is a corporate cog by day, illustrator by night, with the dark eye circles to prove it.

She franks bike shop nyc also a passionate advocate of being a jack-of-all-trades.

News:Jan 7, - "The Americans" by Robert Frank is one of the most influential photo Painting by Willem de Kooning, “Woman and Bicycle” . Barber shop interior, Atlanta, Georgia, When Frank first moved to NYC, one of the first photography There are some photographers who do not know how to choose.

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