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Choose from thousands of OEM and aftermarket motorcycle parts and accessories From MX, SX or Enduro and Offroad, SIX12 Suspension offers it all. Taking the time to play around with your dirt bike suspension settings can dramatically.

Choosing a dirt bike

Cheap aftermarket parts, bullet-proof bike really.

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Carb, 5 speed. Suzuki DRZE: Not road legal. Mostly trashed by previous owners, hard to find a decent one. Yamaha xt Nice bike, but they are worth a lot so you pay a lot of money for an old bike.

Off Road Suspension Setting Tips With Max Gerston | Dirt Rider

Stone age technology, but burley bike trailer instructions far as we know this is one of the easiest beginners bikes fo they are very low. Kawasaki Sherpa Basically the same susprnsion as the Yamaha XT Low, mild and and awesome beginner bike. Honda CRFL: Yamaha WRR, factory road legal and a very nice package, a bit lonely between the rest of the Japanese bikes and KTM in price and performance. Difficult question, but it gets asked all the time.

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It is worth it for sure in the long run. The firewood pit is the nastiest section on an EnduroCross track.

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Some are square, some are round. Setkp single one of them wants to throw you on your head. So contrasting the last two obstacles, we want our suspension really soft for this.

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When you come through the firewood there are so many different angles and so much going on that you want your bike to pretty much just plow right through it. So a soft compression [on both ends] matched with a suspfnsion bit quicker rebound to get those tires back on bike enthusiast ground and stay in the initial part of the stroke is very, very important here.

The fr pivot turn is an important skill.

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This is a left-hander. We come in, pivot, and then exit the rocks in the opposite direction.

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The reason is we have a lot of loose, sketchy, slippery rocks, and we really want to weight that rear end coming out.

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On technical, low-speed trails, the XC-W is a much more comfortable motorcycle. It sucks up little bumps and rocks while the XC shakes you up. When you go a little faster, the XC is more stable, while the XC-W dives and moves around excessively in its travel.

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All of this has nothing to do with the linkage, or lack thereof. Despite that, some things are clear about the two systems.

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The PDS system seems to extend more on downhills. In the past, riders have accused this system of having a stinkbug feeling.

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We never really felt that way on level ground; only on steep downhills. Several years ago the shock angle was changed on the XC-W to combat this, and even today, a common modification is to shorten the shock by 2mm. A good suspension tuner can make the PDS system sit up hhow do tricks.

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The system has been around atomlab bike long that most avenues have been explored. There was a period where many riders thought that progressive springs were the hot setup.

Basic Suspension Setup On A Motorcycle

Some still do, but for the most part, suspension shops have figured out how to duplicate that feel with valving. Some modern frames come with in-built sag indicators as do many air shocks.


This controls at what rate the suspension compresses to absorb an impact. Little compression damping results in a fork or rear end capable of moving over objects biker funny ease, but once speed increases the unit will blow through its travel endkro potentially causing a rider to lose control.

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Given that suspension is designed to increase control this is less than ideal. Too much compression however and the suspension becomes less effective and the forces impacting upon it are transferred into the bike and rider. Anton's RockShox Argyle suspension fork.

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The rebound adjuster allows you to control how quickly the suspension resets itself to full-travel after absorbing an impact.

News:Jul 27, - Back in KTM's off-road bikes had linkage connecting the rear shock to the both ride with PDS rear suspension in Super Enduro, their version of EnduroCross. Linkage allows a configuration where less shock-shaft travel is used in the initial If you do too, then choosing the right one isn't so hard.

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