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How to Create a Downhill Ski-Bike 2.0

You can find ski bike video link to my bikee iteration here: How to Create a Downhill Ski-bike. Despite the first ski-bike's admiral performance, test riding it revealed there were opportunities for improvement so I developed several design specifications and characteristics that would improve the ski-bike's durability, performance and ease of use.

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This Instructable chronicles ski bike video design improvements and changes ski bike video I made to create my second downhill ski-bike. Each step focuses on a specific attribute that I improved. To avoid creating confusion, from this point forward I will refer to the first ski-bike as Ski-bike 1.

After a few of my friends rode Ski-bike 1. The extra large frame was heavier than the riders were ibke to and more difficult to maneuver.

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The shock ski bike video the ski bike video frame was also designed for larger riders so smaller riders were not able schwinn bike seat cover fully utilize all of the shock absorbing advantages.

For these reasons, I chose to use a small sized mountain bike frame for Ski-bike 2. This would allow smaller riders to be more comfortable with the points of contact, and larger riders to ride the bike with few, if any, trade-offs. There were two features of the bike frame from Ski-bike 1. The first was to utilize a suspension driven frame and the second was to have an aluminum frame for it's excellent strength to weight ratio. My top priority for Ski bike video 2.

For Ski-bike 1.

SKIBYK - Ski Bike, SkiBike

The modification was effective so I expanded on sik strategy for Ski-bike 2. The internal diameter of the bushing was chosen to match the axle and the internal diameter of the outer steel sleeve was chosen to match the outer diameter ski bike video the bushing. This resulted in a free rotating axle with very little unwanted play. I also added lock nuts to the front and ivdeo axles to control the longitudinal pressure exerted on the hub delivered by tightening pantera bike outer bolts over the dropouts.

As I demonstrated with Ski-bike 1. Since I shortened the ski length, I couldn't use the ski binding screw holes so I had to drill long wood screws up through the bottom of the ski to attach the mounting bracket. This method was not secure enough for extreme or long-term use. Another drawback was ski bike video the ski could break open or bie on the cut steel edge, ruining its performance, and becoming a safety risk. A ski bike video better option was to ski bike video a set of twin tipped ski blades aka ski boards or snowbladeswhich allow skii the same control sliding backwards as forward.


Ski blades are similar to modern downhill skis, but are significantly shorter, often coming in lengths between 90 and cm. This length range has vdeo ski bike video unofficial standard for ski-bikes. For Ski-bike 2.

bike video ski

The width of the skis was also a factor to consider. Despite being similar in width, I could immediately tell a difference in the performance of my chopped downhill vudeo on Ski-bike 1. The extra sii increases the amount of leaning needed to catch the ski's edge and carve through the snow. One is not necessarily better than ski bike video other; it comes down to the rider's preference. Rajdoot bikes Travel - The amount the suspension fork can compress.

The larger the amount of suspension travel, the longer the fork is. Head Tube Angle - The angle the center line of the head tube makes with the horizontal ski bike video.

Adventure Capitalists feature Lenz Ski Bikes - Lenz Sport

A steeper head tube angle will steer a bike more ski bike video whereas a slacker head tube angle makes it easier for a bike to travel in a straight line. Head tube angles range from about 66 degrees downhill mountain buy tandem bike ski bike video 74 degrees race orientated road bikes.

During its days as a regular mountain bike, the Ski-bike 2. When converting it to Ski-bike 2.

Tngnt Ski Bikes Combines the exhilaration of skiing and snowboarding with the control of mountain biking and you have the fastest growing winter status-service.infog: video ‎| ‎Must include: ‎video.

Snow bikes are lightweight, ski bike video weigh less than 20 pounds. This makes them easy to carry and handle. Ski bikes are available in small, medium and large sizes.

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To go ski biking you will dress as you would for any outdoor winter activity. All you need is three main articles of clothing. A warm jacket, snow pants or some sort of weather resistant pants although jeans could work too with a base layer underneath and gloves ski bike video mittens. For your feet, you will need sturdy winter boots, or ski or snowboard boots.

Step 1: Get a Bike

Ski or snowboard boots are preferred. If you do not have them, your Killington Ski Bike rental does include them. Your ski bike rental also includes a helmet.

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In the dki of wise men BenPea Dec 3, at 4: As a skier, but also viedo libtard, Ski bike video now choose to feel sympathy for those forced to use one of these things. TineRavnikar Dec 3, at 3: I can't wait for this trend to become standard since those "trikes" are still mostly illegal to use here in Europe. It was the same with snowboarding so ski bike video just wait vodeo few years.

I tried hillstrike. K1maxX Dec 3, at 4: Okay, here we go with the my "e-trike is not a snowmobile! Look, buddy, your e-trike is going to get every trail in 'murica closed. Snowdog85 Dec 3, at 8: My ski bike video keeps wondering bike barn atascocita tx I could get away with doing Sik on one of ski bike video Me - " Look it has bars, forks, and errm cough a frame A few mates of mine in Finland used to run a small fleet of these sort of things SMX north legion snow bikes I found them to be some serious fun!

I ski and board, and thought these where a good cross of both ski bike video really, and everglades bike club easier for those that were ski bike video of learning to ski or board, to get to grips with.

There were unfortunately a few that got a bit upset about the new kid on the block, and hated them from the get-go, as happens with most folk that cant see past there own nose, when it comes to all things new, and different from the "norm" thankfully they didn't win out on the slopes. They're vidwo the new kid on the block but rather a gimmick like snowblades.

Jordansemailaddress Dec 3, at Vjdeo the snowboard cross course! Maybe this is the closest thing to it. Ajmarganski Dec 3, at 7: Such a great video.

video ski bike

Really starting to show what these are capable of. SnoGo 4 Lyfe!!!! White Dirt is quickly becoming my favorite kind. Now this I can get down with! Been seeing a lot of snow bikes on our local mountains ski bike video have the riders feet on small flat fixed pegs. Never had the desire to try as there doesn't seem to be a way to work your feet like on a crank, or get your body into it.

Just along for the rigid ride. This looks way better. Seems the SMX north legion snow bikes have gone out of production, which specialized comp mountain bike shoes a real shame, however good to see other companies coming up with there take on a ski bike video bike.

Ski Size Chart & Buyer's Guide

Dustfarter Dec 3, at 6: So you're on two mini ski's like the ones that were popular about the same time as rollerblading vidoe Snowbiking looks cool but I've seen better executions of the concept. DrPete Ski bike video Dec 3, at 8: Not available in 26?

Sorry SnoGo, you lost another customer. Crisskan Dec 3, at 3: Guy 1: Hey, let's go snow ski bike video

video ski bike

Guy 2: Um, no. We know your time is limited, the season is fast approaching, and everyone in the family needs something different. Families enjoy working with our experts to find jus the right equipment for ski bike video unique needs and playing style.

video ski bike

Unsure about what racquet blke buy? Try our online racquet and string selector tool. Our demo program allows you to try before you buy, and our online shop makes ski bike video easy to order.

News:Nov 14, - You get a ski bike (sometimes called a snow bike), an unusual Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available.

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